March Meeting

This months meeting was well attended with majority of members bringing in trees to repot and their was a good buzz.


One of our members wanted to have some thread grafts put on her tree no one had a drill but Tom went home and brought said drill in and I see Malcolm demonstrating how to put a graft through the tree, what was more encouraging was to see Audrey having a go herself.

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Chairmans chat February meeting

February was a busy month for the club certainly our guest speaker John Trott generated some healthy discussion points also helped by Amelia ( I must get you to speak more often as you hide little gems from us )
Interestingly the more we talk to our home grown experts and other clubs we seem to be be adapting more and more the techniques and advice for our own climates, something I am aware of when reading reference books now. Continue reading Chairmans chat February meeting

Chairman’s chat















After 15 years of being the Chairman for Warminster Bonsai Club, Adrian has stepped down from this role. He is one of the inaugural members of the club and fondly remembered the early years of the clubs beginnings. Clive Knight was nominated as the new Chairman and we are pleased to welcome him into this role. Adrian was presented with a small token of appreciation for all the hard work over the past 15 years, and he will remain a member of the club and we hope to see him at the monthly meetings.