Bonsai Roots & Salisbury 25th

Warminster club has just recently completed 2 good displays, the first was at Newbury which was a new venue in a purpose built display area with lots of room to get about in and with areas away from the displays to work on your own trees which made the day go a lot quicker and made the day more interesting because the people passing through would stop and watch you work and ask question or generally just chat for a few moments.

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Swindon Winter Image Show 2012

The Swindon Show by Clive Harber-show manager

The year has begun with the Swindon winter image show.This year we decided to change the appearance of our display.Starting with the cloth we changed this to a dark green which gels with the cream back drop quite nicely.We looked at the table & decided to make some new stands in Jacobean oak with 4 little legs in a Japanese style in differing heights.All told the presentation package was looking good so far.