Bonsai Roots & Salisbury 25th

Warminster club has just recently completed 2 good displays, the first was at Newbury which was a new venue in a purpose built display area with lots of room to get about in and with areas away from the displays to work on your own trees which made the day go a lot quicker and made the day more interesting because the people passing through would stop and watch you work and ask question or generally just chat for a few moments.

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Chairman,s chat July meeting

It was with regret that due to other commitments Tom H informed me that he has had to give up sending out the newsletter even in the abbreviated form, Tom was one of the initiators of compiling a news letter as he believed it added interest to club meetings and added a fun element and was a good reminder of when and what the next meeting was about ( he always said we don’t listen to half of the chairman’s speech)TRUE.

I know members looked forward to his monthly magazine and it was finally the cost of inks,paper and mainly postage that has forced us into e mailing a short version of what is now on the website.

I will continue to send out the e mails but on behalf of Sandra and myself and the rest of the club would like to thank Tom for all the work he put producing the newsletter over the years.

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Yew tree history

Here is a brief photographic history of my Yew tree (Taxus Baccata) which I bought back in 2002 as a field grown tree from a bonsai nursery and have worked on it ever since and kept a photographic record of my work so far over the past 10 years.