TOTM winner 2012

Apologies for tardiness in late results for Tree Of The Month 2012 The results were very close with only first and second split by just two points, the winner is Tony O he is the one on the left congratulations to him and thanks to all those that took the trouble to bring trees in to […]

March TOTM

10 members brought trees in for the March tree of the month: Sally(Privet), Amelia(Deshojo Maple), Ross(Japenese Cherry), Tony O(Needle Juniper), Derek(Fraxinus), Bob(Prunus kojo), Tony D(Yew), Sandra(Cotoneaster), Malcolm(Juniper chinensis) and Clive H(Acer palmatum Kotohyme). 1st was Clive H Joint 2nd Tony O & Tony D Joint 3rd Amelia, Ross & Malcolm