Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Warminster Bonsai Club?

Warminster Bonsai club is a club of amateur hobbyists who enjoy the hobby of bonsai and meet to work on their trees, share knowledge, help one another and share the art of bonsai. 

What is bonsai?

Bonsai is the art of keeping trees in pots whether inside or outside depending on the tree species.

What are bonsai?

Bonsai are trees kept in pots through the use of various techniques to ensure they remain healthy whilst being grown and maintained in pots.

Can you use all tree species as bonsai?

Yes, any tree species can be used for bonsai however some species are more suitable for the hobby than others due to their characteristics.

Who can join Warminster Bonsai Club?

Anyone can join Warminster Bonsai Club there are no restrictions on membership and joining.

How much does it cost to join Warminster Bonsai Club?

If you want to join it is an annual cost of £15 per year and a cost of £2.50 per meeting as a member. You can pay the annual membership and monthly fees all in one go at the start of the year at a discounted rate if you plan to come every month which is a cost-saving way to pay.

Does it cost to attend my first meeting?

If you want to come along to a club night and see whether this is the hobby for you there is no cost for your first meeting. 

Do I have to join Warminster Bonsai?

There is no obligation to join, you can still attend a club meeting and pay £3.50 as a non-member for each meeting without becoming a member.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership runs from January to December from one year to the next so will require renewal each year. 

How do I pay?

You pay at the Club night with cash or cheque or can PayPal the club treasurer, Derek when it is due. 

Whom do I pay?

Payment for annual membership is paid on a club night to Derek who is the Club Treasurer. Payment can be cash, cheque or PayPal.

Why do I pay?

Your annual club membership goes towards the cost of our club running costs which include annual insurance, website hosting, hall hire, equipment for shows, workshop tuition and speaker costs. Your monthly club night cost of £2.50 as a member goes towards the hall hire and refreshments. 

Where are the bonsai club meetings held?

The club night meetings are held at Christ Church Parish Hall, Weymouth Street, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 9NS

When are the bonsai club meetings?

Club meetings occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month throughout the year.

What time are the bonsai club meetings?

The bonsai club meetings are held between 19.30 and 22.00.

What is the typical format for a club meeting?

A typical format is to arrive at 19.30 and help with the set up of the tables and chairs for the evening. Followed by a quick chat from the Chairman before getting started working on your tree or trees.

You are free to chat with all club members throughout the evening and share thoughts and ideas. Refreshments are provided throughout the evening for you to help yourself. The evening finishes at 22.00 and we tend to start packing away the tables and chairs and sweeping the floor before then to ensure we finish by 22.00

What is the tree of the month competition?

This is a monthly competition between members of their best tree. Each member is encouraged to bring in their best bonsai tree for that month and display it with the other bonsai trees. All club members then vote on their favourite tree and each club night the winner is announced as well as scores points. These points are added up throughout the year and the overall club member with the highest number of points is awarded a trophy for their efforts.

Are there any other competitions?

There is also a Christmas decorate your tree competition where club members are encouraged to come up with creative Christmas and winter scenes and decorations for their bonsai and present a display. These are then voted upon by club members and the winner is announced on the night and presented with a trophy. This is usually during the December meeting which is also the Christmas social evening.

What do I need to bring to a club night?

You do not need to bring anything if you do not want to and can spend time talking to other club members about their trees. 

If you do have a bonsai tree, you can bring along your bonsai tree or trees for discussion and work on. It is useful if you bring a plastic gardening tray for your to work on them in as well as a few basic tools like scissors and branch cutters. Depending on the time of year and type of work this will vary as more items are needed for repotting.

Do Warminster Bonsai have bonsai workshops?

Bonsai workshops are held throughout the year usually on a Saturday for a full-day workshop and details will be made available to members when these events are programmed in.

Who is the Chairman of Warminster Bonsai Club?

Clive is the Chairman and can be contacted via e-mail at or by phone on 07798584795

How many members does Warminster Bonsai Club have?

Currently, there are 16 club members however not all members may turn up to each and every club night as there is no obligation to attend every club night even though it is nice to see you.

How else can I contact Warminster Bonsai Club?

Warminster Bonsai Club now has a Facebook group which is called Warminster Bonsai Club and it is a free public open group which you can join for free without being a member of Warminster Bonsai Club.

The scale of Warminster Bonsai Club

We are a small local club run by bonsai enthusiasts who all help out with the running of the club. Some of our club members are also committee members holding various positions like Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Show Manager, and these roles are voluntary and come up for renewal annually and are voted on at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). These roles are non-paid roles and rely on dedicated volunteers. 

Where can I see Warminster Bonsai Club bonsai displays?

Warminster Bonsai Club members promote the club and art of bonsai through attending local shows as well as showing at other bonsai events like Swindon Winter Image Show, and Heathrow Bonsai Show. For more information see the UK Bonsai Association for the latest list of bonsai shows in the UK –