June meeting

Busy meeting we had a dummy run to select and finalise our club display for Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group bonsai show this coming Sunday held in the Remembrance hall SP7 0PL.

This involves finding the right balance with the trees which can eliminate very good trees that are too powerfull and would dominate the overall display.

These trees as individuals would make excellent solo displays, it also involves having varying heights, the right angle that is not taking your eye out from the display and the best display tables, and varying the spaces between each tree, this is more difficult as we naturally place trees equal distance apart.
Above is the final display Clive H decided on we will select accent plants on the day.

Whilst we were doing this members were working on their trees or Penjing plantings.

One member brought in a Pinus Sylvestris which had not had any work carried out on it, Tony and his son Nathan carried out a full wiring of the tree and it will be taken to the show on Sunday where it will be used as a demonstration on styling.

I will aim to take photos at the show to include the final style of the tree.