Saturday Workshop April 2012


On Saturday 14th April we held our Saturday workshop under the guidance of Chris Thomas, Gerry and Bob from Dragon Bonsai. We now usually hold this twice a year and we always look foreward to these two days.

On the day there were ten members with a mixture of trees from raw material to trees which had been worked on at previous workshops and now needed refinement.

Tables are arranged around a central table where each members tree is brought up and Chris, Gerry and Bob discuss the styling options/refinement to improve the tree, we are all encouraged to add our views.

It is a simple method but by putting a tree on a table and being able to stand back and view it all around how a big difference it makes to styling or highlighting faults.

Bob who is the ace carver soon has the Makita going aging both the tree and its owner as he carves in his own special way how a tree exposed to the elements would appear.

It is noticeable how members trees have improved in just a few years

Many thanks to Chris,Gerry and Bob for their passion with trees, and Sandra who did the most important bit provided the buffet.

Below are just some of the photo,s of the day.

Just how many does it take to decide if the branch should come off


Bob,s Juniper before any work


The first intial styling tree and owner now resting


Wiring and styling of a Pine


Initial styling finished


Work on a juniper


Refinement on a Cryptomeria collected from a garden


Finished result


Branch placement on a Larch
Still some adjustment needed on right hand branch


Bob in his element carving!



Work on a Juniper


This branch needs to come off


Branch removed


Trunk carved to refine image



Refineing an excellent little Cryptomeria group
Fine wiring on a Pine
Many thanks to all three for another brilliant day, we just cant keep our Bob out of the photo,s