Sandra,s corner June meeting

Our last meeting was a bring and buy sale, it was quite a surprise to see how many people had brought material in for sale and that it was of a much higher quality.Read more >>

There was a mixture of trees pots and stands for sale with very reasonable prices, more must have been sold as the club made £12 more than last year so thanks very much.

Some members have said that whilst they liked the bring and buy sale it did not have the atmosphere of last years auction so if we hold the sale next year we will see how we can inject some fun into the evening, perhaps someone ( Clive K) could go round each table picking out certain trees etc and talk up sales?.

Mid evening we also set up our display stands so that Clive H could select trees for the Newbury Bonsai Club show at Roots Garden centre, thanks to those who brought trees in and Clive H must be getting better as it did not take him long to select the trees for our stand.

Thanks also to Clive H who has made some more stands especially for cascades so that we have more flexibility when we select trees for our displays.

Below is a photo of the stand and trees, we decided not to use the centre tree but substitute Clive H,s Cotoneaster on the day as it was a much better tree.

We decided not to use the coat on the right as it looked too casual ?

Thanks also to those who helped in the kitchen we are always grateful for any help here.

Our next meeting is with Manuel he will be talking on Yews and Junipers but as you know he will talk about any tree so if you want any advice on a tree that isnt a Yew or Juniper then still bring it in.

Lastly congratulations to Derek for winning 1st prize at the Wiltshire Cactus club show held in Melksham which Clive and I popped over to see and needless to say I bought some Cacti.