Sandra,s Corner July meeting

As you know the meeting was a demo by the famous? Manuel and for those who know him you knew it was going to be lively and entertaining.

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No surprise then that we had a full house speaking mainly about Yews and Junipers he also went through trees of members brave enough to bring in material.

Straight away he picked on Clive K and said his Yew needed more feed, Clive did try to defend himself but Manuel wasn’t having any of it I thought he was going to make Clive stand in the corner!

Some of the things covered were regularly checking your trees for pests, spruce prone to Red Spider mite, Junipers and Yews prone to scale insect which are almost minute, he has a regime of regular pest control using biological where possible.

Regular feeding and spraying with seaweed extract.

He is trying a pelleted form of feed but his dogs are stealing it it off the pots, he says they are growing quite well!.

As well as control of pests he sprays regularly with a fungicide to control mildew, he has his own preferred mix of bark, grits and John Innes which he varies for deciduous and conifers.

He was in full swing this night and went well passed 10.00 PM it was his driver I felt sorry for as he had the long journey home.

In all a very enlightening and enjoyable evening.

Many thanks again for those that helped in the kitchen, see you at the next meeting we will have a quick raffle so do please bring something in.

Next meeting is with Ritta Cooper please read Clive,s bit as it has a bit more info and a new start time!