Sandra,s corner November meeting

Our last meeting was different as it was rock carving with thermal blocks and for once it was a good that due to the weather they were all wet and when you carved them there was very little dust.

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This is the second time I have done this so I found it a bit easier to use the tools this time.

I would like to thank Tony and Wilf for showing us how to carve especially as Clive mentioned Wilf was not well.

Before we started carving Clive did run through a brief outline on Saikei group and rock planting which  you can use the blocks for, so next time we use the blocks we can plant up some of them.

Thanks to Tony and Wilf as they put my small carved rock with their own carvings to make one large piece and then gave them to me, I do have some small trees at home which I will use to plant up in the spring.

Malcolm brought in some of Manuales trees to sell at very good prices so I hope those that bought them will be lucky enough to keep them growing.

Amelia also brought in a large number of Box  from a dug out hedge for members to just help themselves.

So it was a busy evening , once again can we ask you just to spare Clive a few minutes to go through club business as it was hard to hear with so many talking ( I will have to get him a gavel at this rate).

Many thanks to those who helped out in the kitchen and those that stayed behind to help clear up.Hope to see you at the next meeting, dont forget the quiz is just a bit of fun not master mind.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to those who wont be at the next meeting.