Chairman,s chat July meeting

July,s meeting which was a workshop evening and also the entry for my favourite tree competition proved despite the very hot weather very popular as it was well attended and had lots of work going on.

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Previous to the meeting I had been contacted by another bonsai enthusiast who due to ill health had not been able to tend to his trees for some time and he did not know of any other bonsai nuts locally but had been given our contact number by Swindon Bonsai club, one of his trees was a much loved Juniper which had originally been styled as a windswept.

When I called round I could see that this tree would need some TLC both in horticultural terms and styling, so I called Malcolm who has a way with bringing out really excellent results with Junipers.

I explained the situation and he agreed to have a look at it on the July meeting, I did say I thought it would be a long term project and might be a challenge !


Ahem one thing I omitted was the actual size of the tree
Ahem one thing I omitted was the actual size of the tree

Malcolm spent part of the meeting cleaning out any dead  foliage and considering what was left, then it was opened to the floor for suggestions on the way forward.

The comments were that tree has long extension growths so has vigour but can be improved to withstand the work going forward, it sits too close to the right end of the pot, and overall it was felt that the tree would be better when repotted to be brought more upright and for branches to be repositioned ( not too much work for Malcolm then).

Following the meeting and after discussions with the trees owner he has very generously agreed to let Malcolm take on the project which involves developing more vigour, a repot and trusting Malcolm to restyle the tree.

This will probably take a year depending on how the tree responds, I aim to track this tree and hope to put some more images on the website as it evolves.

Some images of work carried out on members members trees this meeting. One member remains anonymous and we never see him come out from behind his trees!

Reminder August meeting we have Mark and Ritta Cooper which will be a 7.30 start and no raffle.