Chairman,s chat Lee workshop

I had contacted Lee Verhorevoort back in January for a Saturday workshop he was able to offer us a date for October, this month being suitable for wiring and styling of evergreens and structural pruning of deciduous trees.Read more>>>

We have had Lee visit the club for an evenings talk and always look forward to him coming to our club so to have him for a full day would be a bonus.

So this date proved popular as we had twelve names for the Saturday workshop.

What was interesting was the number of trees brought in which in turn required Lee to show members different techniques.

Lee just started from one end and kept circulating round with advice and help if required so that he was able to see that people were not only progressing with trees but give people a chance to have many of their trees discussed.

The day started off very casually but I did noticed as he circulated round it went rather quite as we all started to work on our trees seriously.

For some of us who had trees requiring raffia or bandaging with lots of wiring we were trying to have made progress before he got back round to us so that he would not pick out our bad wiring techniques ( he is particular and in my case some hope of not being picked up).

Have to say I thought I could wire reasonably however comments like I wouldnt want you wiring my house and thats from your  own members.

One tree was a straight trunked pine which after taping and wiring was shaped by bending and holding with tension wires.

Another was a Shohin size acer that was pruned and then wired which for size of tree took one of our members some time such was the detail required when you are looking at trees this size.

I have included some pictures of the day they only cover some of the trees as I was too busy working on mine so if I missed some of you apologies, many thanks to Lee for this day I for one thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and hope the members did to.

Many thanks to Sandra second next to Lee as the most important person there that day by preparing the food, teas and coffee.