Chairman,s chat December meeting

This year members had asked for a change from our traditional Christmas meeting which had always incorporated a topical quiz, as most were inspired by the Olympics they had asked for a more sporting event.


Thus tasked we had trawled many venues during the year to match the Olympic ideal and finally arrived at a skittles match in a pub just up the road from the hall ( very convenient I must say).

We had hired the skittles alley for the evening and were warmly welcomed by the landlord, to make it interesting we had put all peoples name in a hat and then pulled them out to make up the teams.

This gave an interesting ? spread of abilities ( I am being generous), I could tell before we had started that some people were taking it serious as they were building up their carbs prematch on the pork pies on the buffet, and were even limiting their fluid intake to just a couple of pints so as not to affect their coordination.

Ahem some needn,t have bothered!

What followed can only be described as athletes performing at the top of their careers with some truly memorable scores some showing exceptional skill in putting three balls down without knocking a single skittle over ( they claimed their drink had been spiked).

One person did however knock all nine pins over so well done Wilf but I am afraid his score was disallowed when he failed the dope test after.

This turned into a very fun evening with lots of heckling and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and may wish to try this sport next year.

Thanks to Jim for finding the venue.

Apologies for some of the blurred photo,s but such was the speed of the athletes involved!