Chairman,s chat May meeting

Mays meeting was the first meeting we have tried with a discussion subject which members could take part in if they wanted to or just work on their trees.


The subject was Hornbeams and several members did bring in Hornbeams both native and Korean, each tree was put on a stand for constructive comments which seemed to work well.

What did come out though during our discussion on the trees presented was that there seems to be two varieties of Korean Hornbeam with one being harder to create ramification on and when the trees where put side by side showed subtle differences in leaf and bark and yes we do seem to own both types of tree.

Unfortunately we did not take any photo,s which was a big mistake but will aim to take more on our next subject.

Junes meeting is the table top sale starting 20.00 hours followed by auction if you require it.You do not have to be a member to buy all welcome.

Couple of points can you please pay Sandra your entrance before you set up, no sales until I open the evening and your honesty of 10% to the club from any sales you make.

Reminder on the Cacti and Succulent show Saturday June the 21st at the Melksham Assembly Hall where we will ahve a display please support.

Also a reminder that the Lee Verhorevoort Saturday workshop date has changed from September to July 12th at the North Bradley hall.