Lee Verhorevoort Workshop July 2014

We had a Saturday workshop in July with Lee Verhorevoort back by popular demand, there were ten members who all brought in a variety of trees for help and advice from Lee.


For those that know Lee he will work continuously as long as there are trees for him to work on so ten members was no problem for him to cope with.
As he knows our club well know his pattern is to start from one side and work round the tables but we all know from experience when he has discussed your tree and left you to work on it don’t hesitate especially if you have to wire branches ready for him for his next pass as woe betide you if you are not ready for him as some members found out.
This always proves to be a thoroughly enjoyable day to see material take big steps foreword under his guidance, you have to beat him off your trees to let you have a go such is his enthusiasm, and I have said it before you could learn so much just listening to him discuss the various species traits and his views on styling.
He did open with Clive H,s Cryptomeria but he was so quick on it I had my back turned and missed him loping off the trunk.

I include some pics of the day and many thanks to Lee for the day.