Chairman,s chat July meeting

This month we had Simon Temblett give a talk on alternative trees? and pots.


Simon brought in some of his unusual trees and gave a talk on what and why he had carried out the work on them.

It is fair to say he does not pick the easiest or traditional species of trees to work on for bonsai but he does get results and he does give food for thought on looking at trees differently which I think is not a bad idea.

He did generate quite some debate on these trees especially his tribal tattooed tree, some members want to try this out, and you will see some of his pots are quirky.

The images show his tattooed tree, a Juniper he has carved the live veins to be very narrow, a Beech with its entire centre carved out, quirky pot, an acer with exposed roots over pot, a Privet which has semi precious stones embedded with the long term aim for the bark to enclose the stones leaving a small area showing, a juniper that has a natural habit to curve down but the tips to curve back up and how Simon was trying to incorporate this, some carving on another juniper and finally a Larch with Ivy trained to grow up through the tree as would be seen in nature I leave you all to make your own opinions but well worth hearing and seeing what Simon is doing with these trees.