Chairman,s chat August meeting


This months meeting was our table top sale.


This will be the third year that we have run a table top sale, anyone can bring in Bonsai related items set up on a table to sale you only have to wait until the opening time so that everyone has a chance to view.

All are invited and you do not have to be a member, it was better attended and there  was quite a variety of material for sale to suit all pockets some interesting accent pots.

To finish off the evening sellers could then put any unsold items in for auction with or without a reserve this proved to be quite a laugh as some members had brought in shrubs in pots for sale these went for as little as £1 you could not buy them anywhere for this and were cheap for a garden plant.

We did sale quite a bit so thanks to all who brought in items to sale but we still need more people to come and buy, suggestions I have had so far are lines for telephone bids and to open up the option of internet bidding for those overseas? .