Chris Thomas workshop

This is the first in a series of workshops the club has arranged for this year.


The workshop was with Chris Thomas of Dragon Bonsai Club and it was a welcome return to Chris who some time ago started our club on Saturday workshops.

These workshops proved to be of great value in increasing members knowledge and moving our trees on and encourage confidence to work on trees I recommend them

This year we are aiming to keep the numbers small to allow more time for each person during the day and so it was with nine members that Chris started out with, the material ranged from Junipers, Pines, Oak group planting, Larch group planting on a piece of slate and monster carving on a large piece of box.

Chris would discuss with each person their material what they wanted out of the material and input his thoughts and suggestions and see them start off he circulated through out the day making sure we kept up.

It was a brilliant day and we could see the progress made many thanks to Chris and his extensive knowledge.