Cactus and Succulent Show Wiltshire Branch

The Wiltshire branch of the British Cacti and Succulent Society hold their annual show at the Melksham Assembly rooms towards the end of June and we have been fortunate to display at their show.


As most of you know in the run up to the end of June we had some of the hottest days recorded and we could not be sure what trees would look their best, so it was an ad hoc arrangement to just bring trees that hopefully would make a display.

With no prior rehearsal it was down to Clive H on the day to come up with a cohesive display and I believe he did well the greenery belying the heat of the last few days before the show.

We did talk to many people and it was the same shared passion be it Cacti or Succulents or Bonsai we have a common interest to produce the best results.