Flowering and thinning out

Few pics of some members trees the shohin Hawthorn is a double red variety which might explain why for its size it outperforms larger Hawthorns for number of flowers,

Now is also the time to be looking at thinning deciduous trees the previous warm weeks have brought on long extension growths and will probably have covered your trees in leaf.

They will require thinning out the old adage of let the light in should me your mantra, if your trees are healthy they will have sprouted long shoots as well as many new shoots particularly Acers.

I look at my trees and access what shoots I want to keep and cut out any that are not in the image I want, they just waste the trees energy, any long shoots be aware of the increasing distance between nodes and cut back to a suitable node, to keep the balance bearing in mind as you work your way up the tree these distances between nodes should get shorter.

The above help let light into the tree but also if you have a large amount of leaves they should be thinned out as well either by cutting off the leaf and leaving a small stalk to die back or cutting large leaves in half.

This is something I do throughout the summer if the tree is vigorous

If you don’t let the light into the tree the shaded shoots will die and you will not get fine ramification.

Here are some before and after pics of thinning out some little acers,