July posting


This is a contribution from one of our members who has a passion for Ficus with his commentary.

All these figs are still a long way off being Bonsai, unfortunately the growing season in the UK is not long enough to get the growth needed to Bonsai the figs.

The light levels are not high enough to achieve shorter internodes and smaller leaves. I am just happy to grow all different species/cultivars of figs.

Air layer

This is an Acer obtained recently grown more as a patio plant, but when seen it had the potential to be a twin trunk if it could be air layered so taking a gamble that there is just enough time to establish it before Autumn sets in it was air layered this month.

As you will see 1st pic is how it was before starting, 2nd pic the top cut on the trunk has been cut just below where the two trunks split and hopefully the new roots will generate from for its new base making sure that the cuts are clean and the trunk scraped to ensure no tissue can form a bridge across the cleaned area.

Pic 3 is the clear plastic packed with moss tight as possible to make good contact with the cut area.

4th pic is the black plastic now wrapped round to keep out the light from any roots forming and to keep a warm environment for them

Will see how this progresses.

This is the thinning out of a Deshojo Acer which was featured in the May posting it has put on tremendous growth with many new shoots but it is time to set the branches for its future so it has been cut back drastically taking out all surplus shoots and any large leaves.

The tree can now put its energy into only the structure that has been left.