Market Lavington Vintage Show 2022

These are the photos of our club display at the Market Lavington show, we tried to show a wide selection of trees that are used for Bonsai including several that would be found as shrubs in the garden the aim being to show people that you don’t have to have exotic material to get good Bonsai.

We also showed trees at varying stages of development from the Larch which is now at a stage of further refinement to the little Cotoneaster which demonstrated that a piece of very young material when wired starts to create an older image and one which will develop into a a creditable image in jus a few short years.

Nice to meet so many people who we could explain what Bonsai are and how we create them, many did not know that we existed in Warminster so good publicity.

And as a bonus there was the Lancaster bomber which flew over the site at low level three times brilliant.