Chris Thomas May Workshop

The second of the two workshops we have been able to book with Chris Thomas

We had been lucky to be able to book two dates with Chris Thomas he is so popular with other groups you have to book early, made a bit more complicated to arrange dates with him and our members so that they can attend ( it’s like herding cats ) I keep telling them I give you the dates you just tell your other halves not to book anything for these dates like holidays anniversaries etc still does not work.

We managed to have most people that attended the first workshop also attend this second one, as always a very enjoyable day because there was quite a good selection of different tree species brought in you gain more knowledge listening to what Chris has to say about them.

I always say the same if you don’t like working on your trees in front of an audience just attend as a visitor you will gain so much more knowledge even more than us attendees as we are all busy wiring our trees so that to Chris can then discuss/style them.