Lee Verhorevoort workshop November 2023

Pre covid we have had several workshops with Lee all thoroughly enjoyable, so when we had been able to book one for this month it was a chance to learn so much more and have your trees critiqued in a positive way.

Lee,s method is for him to come to your table view/discuss your tree it’s horticultural requirements, pests etc and what work is required going forward, he does carry out some work if you are not sure during this he talked about many subjects covering how nurseries work in Japan, choice of pots.

I keep saying it but just listening to what is said about the trees on each members table is like a working tutorial so much information.

He moves on to the next person and circulating round this way he covers quite a high number of trees. Two members came along as observers and found it fascinating they probably picked up more information as we had to work on our trees to keep up with Lee and listen to what was being said.

An excellent day, these workshops I feel reinvigorate you to work on your trees especially when you have been given the advise for future improvements.

Few pics of the trees that were worked on during the day.