January meeting 2024

First meeting of the new year, some trees being worked on but also it was the selection of trees and setting out our display for the forthcoming Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 11th February.

We have three six by two tables for display which is quite a large area, Clive H our show manager had an idea to try to present a selection of trees held by members to that end it would comprise three separate Tokonoma,s one with a Shohin and the other two with larger trees with accompanying smaller trees to give some perspective.

This involved lots of shuffling round trying to find trees that have the right angle of direction, do not overpower are harmonious and are of varied species to avoid repeating.

This involved in the region of twenty four trees just to find the final display, on the day there will be accent plants to add for a bit more impact and colour, thanks to Clive H who had final say.

Show display


Only two entrants this month