Sandra’s corner March meeting

Sandra’s Corner

Our last meeting was a general repotting workshop & it was good to see so many of you have brought in trees to do & also members helping others which is always the way we hoped the club would go.Read more>>>

I would like to welcome Tony Dickson as a new member & I hope he enjoys the club.

T O T M table looked really good & it seems there were so many entries that Toms Tree got left out! It seems this new method of bringing in your best tree on the night has really taken off!

We now have our own page 3 girl! In the form of SALLY! At the Swindon show there was a reporter/photographer who photographed a lot of people & their trees on display & Sally along with about 4 other men were featured in I think it was the independent paper so Clive has nick-named her the page 3 girl!

Amelia has sent in before & after pictures & a report on the £2 cotoneaster she brought from the club, so to read the report go on our web site .

I have a azalea in a patio pot that has been in flower since last July time-the flowers have been hit by the frost but they have come back after.

At the Swindon show Chris Thomas told us they were having a 2 day seminar in March. He rang later to say it was 24/25 th so Clive & I went to it. The  weather was glorious the whole w/end(must have been their summer!)They had trees on show which led to their competition, the sections were a collected yamadori a tree from garden centre stock & a tree grown from a seed.

The prize for each section was a wooden Celtic knot which looked very nice. There were 5 judges (one who was picked was Clive)On the Saturday they had talks & demos from Manuel,Malcolm,John Pitt & Gerry. It was all informal & you were encouraged to ask questions & give your view. Then on the Sunday it was the same speakers(on different subjects) plus a Simon Temblett from Bristol a bonsai artist.

The whole W/end was really good with lots of humour, interesting & informative. With questions being asked all the time(even at Manuel’s talk!)both days ended with a question & answer time & on the Sunday people brought in trees they wanted help with. What I found really interesting was when the 5 speakers gave their ideas on how they would style the different trees, they all had different idea’s  but they would all work. So thanks to Chris for inviting us.

If Chris holds this again or any clubs we would like to attend I recommend it to all of you.

Please can I remind you PLEASE to bring some thing in for the raffle as last month there were only 3 prizes & I had bought in 2 of them.


Hopefully summer will soon be here & this is just a reminder that if you want to use power tools for carving you must use them outside & not in the hall & also be aware that our insurance does not cover the use of power tools so you use them at your own risk.