April meeting

As you know on Saturday 14th April we had what is becoming a twice yearly workshop under the guise of Chris Thomas this time supported by Gerry and Bob ( the carver).

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I am always pleased when we can get enough members on the day to hold these workshops as the visible improvement to members trees and our gained knowledge certainly shows in the material being worked on.

As Chris said he is seeing more material that needs refining than the raw material and this can only get better.

I hope you all had a enjoyable day, and don’t be put off if you have not been on one of these workshops before.

During a break Chris brought in some scrolls and together with Gerry we had a short discussion on use types and designs used, this I found very interesting and could be something worth thinking about as a subject for next years calendar.

Let me know what your thoughts are.

Sandra slaved away in the kitchen in the morning so only saw a small part of what was going on but served up a welcoming buffet probably the most important part of the day, many thanks for this ( and no its not husband speaking).

I have attached a few of the photo’s as there are more on the website.


This months meeting I thought a busy one, many trees brought in and apologies I did not take any pictures will remember for next meeting, thanks to Anthony for the teas and coffees and to Sally for collecting the money.

This months meeting will be a general workshop so please bring in material especially if it is a difficult piece.