Sandra,s corner September meeting

On Sept 9th it was the annual Dragon bonsai club car boot & auction.Read more>>>

Clive & I went & also there was Malcolm & Anthony.

This year the car boot side was a bit disappointing as there were only about 3 people selling trees & a couple selling pots etc.But for those of you who like big lumps there were some bargains to be had as one man was selling large lumps & only wanting £5 & £10 for them!

I think this year the members had put their trees in to the auction as they had around 246 plus lots!they had every thing from good trees,pots,scrolls & even bio gold!most of the lots sold which suprised Chris as he thought with so much to sell it wouldnt all go,but the auction went quick with Chris & Gerwin going through it all-they had a break every hour so it didnt feel it was dragging. Once again it was a very enjoyable day & the weather was good!

As you know on the 1st thursday of the month we have a workshop in North Bradley on the outskirts of Trowbridge.The hall was celebrating a birthday & had displays from all the clubs etc who hire the hall & Wilf very kindly put a display on for us-so thank you to him.

Our last meeting was Malcolm running through how to set up a Tokonoma for shows.I found it interesting & it didnt take very long before you could see which was the correct way to set it all out. after which some of the members had a go for them selves.It was good so many had brought in stuff so there was a lot to chose from to make a good display-trees,accent plants,scrolls,stands etc so thank you to all who brought the items in.