Sandra,s corner January meeting

A belated “Happy new year”to you all.

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I hope you  all had a good Christmas-ours was a bit fraught as by new years eve both of my ovens were out of action! & a big thanks to Grahame for coming over & sorting them out.

this is now catching up with the meetings.

The Christmas social was very good & thanks to all of you who braved the quiz!Thanks also to Adrian who not only set the quiz but came up & ran it.Clive k,Bob,Mark & I won it!The tables were groaning with all the food that had been brought in & Dylan enjoyed the chicken I took home for him!This year we also had some background music.

Due to the fact I was still taking down the Christmas decorations I did not go to the January North Bradley workshop-Clive came home saying that Tony Oswin had worked on a nice box.Workshop is 1st Thursday in month.

This weekend is the show at Noelanders & I know some of the club are going so I hope you have a good time & don’t get too tempted to buy!

Now onto January meeting

This was the AGM & thank you to all who attended especially with the weather forecast.

Clive relayed what we had done throughout the year,including the shows & thanked all who had helped the club during the year.

Then I ran through the accounts,there were no questions mainly I think because Clive & I had laid out all the accounts clearly.

Then there was the election of the committee.No one wanted to take over the jobs, so the committee were re elected with the exception of P R O as Tom had already said he would not be rejoining the club,& it was felt that now we have a web site we do not need to replace the Pro.


Jim has suggested that perhaps we could have a skittles match as the Christmas social which we thought was a good idea & he is going to speak to a local landlord to see if he can arrange anything.could be a fun evening!

We have heard from Tony Oswin who went to Noelanders-I did wonder if they would get there due to the snow,but bonsai people are a intrepid lot!they got through & said they had a good time & enjoyed the show.I know Tony bought a tree but I haven’t seen Wilf yet to quiz him!but I’m glad they got there & back safely!