Chairman,s chat January meeting

Firstly a happy new to you all and many thanks to those members who braved the weather warning and attended the AGM.


I would like to think it was another successful, full and varied year with talks by John Trott, a Tokonoma evening with Malcolm, Ritta and Mark Cooper on accent plants, carving of thermal blocks with Tony and Wilf and not forgetting the magic of Manuel.

Our Saturday workshop with Chris Thomas.  The bring and buy evening which seemed to go very well with a much better class of material on sale.

We attended four shows: The Swindon Winter Image, Bonsai Roots at Newbury, Salisbury’s 25th and Heathrow.

I believe yet again we have raised our standards much of which is owed to Clive H with making all the display tables, sourcing our table cloths and being prepared to put his neck on the line for the final tree selection.

Please continue to support any forth  coming shows and bring your trees in.

I would like to thank all the committee for all their help at shows and club meetings, and to those members that help out in the kitchen.

I do feel that attending the shows raises the profile of the club and makes many friends and useful contacts.

I hope we can maintain an interesting year with many of you rejoining, unfortunately Tom H the clubs very own publicity member has told me he has finally had to give up his time to devote to his family.

Tom was the initiator of producing and mailing ( as in Royal Mail ) our very first monthly news letter which bearing in mind his computer skills and patience were marginally above the use of quills was no mean feat.

I can remember he would spend hours with his crayons on each issue so that we had colour pics, I finally told him his printer would print colour!

Tom was very active in promoting the club and loved talking to people especially when ever we put on public displays, it was always amazing the number of people who knew him.

We wish Tom the very best and would always welcome him back.

Finally I would thank everyone for voting myself and the committee back to run the club.