Chairman,s chat Febuary meeting

February’s meeting was used for a dummy run for the Swindon winter image show, members were invited to bring in trees for Clive H to pick the best combination for our club display.


As our meeting was on the Thursday before the Sunday show day we had little time prepare, thanks to the usual members who bring in trees Clive did have at least some different styles and varieties to play with.

We try to involve all members on the evening and invite their comments, it is often fascinating that you can pick a really good tree but it does not gel with any others and throws a display.

Clive H,s aim was to try to have an interesting display of styles and a touch of colour with the green of the junipers, with about fifteen trees brought in you would think fairly easy but putting trees on the stand and finding ones which brought your eye in from the right and left side was a challenge in its self.

Again selecting each display table to try to give some changes in height and maintain the triangle as well as selecting any accents plants are just factors to decide.

In the end it was Clive H,s decision on which trees we took to the Swindon show, many thanks to those that took the trouble to bring trees in even if they were not selected.

See photo below of our dummy run.


Next meeting on Thursday 21st March will be Malcolm with a talk on refinement and preparing your trees for showing.