Sandra,s corner February meeting

Our last meeting was a workshop plus preparing for the Swindon show.Due to the weather only Tony O brought anything to work on.

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Some members had brought in trees to be considered for the Swindon show & as both Clives have written on the show I wont say anymore except I thought our stand looked really good.

We have had our annual trip to Lodders (Holland) & all enjoyed it very much-it was colder than here but it was dry so that was a bonus for us.We also went to a smaller dealer but he had sold most of his stock but I did get a rugged looking Quince there.At Lodders I bought a lovely Mame/Shohin size Hornbeam & a Leptospermum.

We also bought a Shohin size Kiyohime to use as a raffle tree-the more I look at it the more I wished I had bought one myself!

We also went to the dealer in Belgium but his prices have shot up & most of his stock was very expensive! thanks once again to Grahame & Lesley for organising the trip.

Our last North Bradley meeting was really good as there were 10 members there!but it was typical I had left my camera at home!every one was busy repotting or restyling.

We have booked the North Bradley hall for the workshop with Lee in October so now we can see there will be enough room for all.

Talking of North Bradley-we were told we couldn’t have the hall 1st week in April but that is wrong its the May meeting we cant have it so the meeting in May will be the 2nd Thursday.

Don’t forget on Sunday 24th March there is Mark & Rittas Shohin show in Failand nr Bristol so I hope a lot of you will be going along & supporting it