Lodders Bonsai

This has now become an annual joint Warminster club and Salisbury Bonsai society pilgrimage to Lodders Bonsai thanks to Graham and Leslie who organise the visit.


We have always looked foreward to this trip even though we leave on the Monday night after we have attended the Swindon winter image show on the Sunday.

For those not familiar with Lodders he has several very large greenhouses, divided into one for outdoor bonsai, a heated greenhouse dedicated to indoor/conservatory bonsai ( we like this one because if the weather is cold and/or snowy you can warm up in here).

Another which is warmed where newly imported trees after repotting can be brought on to leaf up quicker.

He also has another greenhouse in which he keeps mainly the patio size bonsai.

We spent two days here ( the rest of the group leave myself and Clive H at Lodders for the best part of the day whilst they go off sight seeing) and it is always a suprise to find new stock put out on the tables from the night before.

It is amazing how you can wander up and down the aisles thinking you have seen everything and then a change of direction or angle and a tree you have passed by many times stands out, this is why I tell my wife we cannot be hurried


I keep saying I must take more pics but ended up taking some photo,s of the outdoor bonsai greenhouse and the lower level pot store, many thanks to Gerritt for the warm welcome.

On our way home we visited Ginko Bonsai sadly you are not allowed to take any pic,s but they have some very fine trees and very interesting raw material, some grown outside this is definately worth a visit

Here are just some of the trees we saw at Lodders 2014.