RHS Wisley Bonsai

We took a trip to the RHS Wisley today for the Ferns and Carnivorous show and while we were in the gardens we got to walk past the Herons Bonsai display. For those who have not seen it recently, here are a few images of the bonsai on display and the current display includes a Horse Chestnut tree as a bonsai, a range of Maples, Pines, White Beech, Larch, Elm, Common Beech, Junipers, Cedars plus a Fig, Mulberry and Maidenhair tree.

Bonsai at RHS Wisley

It is always good to see the larger bonsai out on display and it never fails to provide inspiration for displaying your own bonsai in your gardens as well as showing you the key features of the varied species that can be used for bonsai for you to study in person.

Ferns and Carnivorous Show

There was a great range and variety of ferns as well as carnivorous plants on display, and some were very rare. This was also a perfect opportunity to purchase a few from the various traders present to add to our plant collections as they can be used as accents for our bonsai displays as well as being just fun to keep.