Staverton Group Bonsai boot sale

Sunday 31st July was the second year for the Staverton Group to organise this Bonsai boot sale and thanks to Tony suggesting that it would be a good opportunity to have a pitch to advertise our club.

We had not planned to have a pitch as individually we did not have enough trees to sale to warrant one, however when it was decided that between us it made sense and surprisingly or not we managed to have brought along a good selection of trees, wooden stands both formal and decorative sections for sale, so on Sunday we set up our emporium.

For those of you who have not attended either years do not be put off by the Boot Sale bit it is much more than this, it attracts dealer stands, potters as well as individuals selling and offers trees from starter material to high quality both styled and Yamadori.

We had quite a bit of interested on our stand from people who live local to the club many asking for advice so you never know we might attract some new members, if we dont it is always good to talk Bonsai.

Many thanks to Tony and his group for organising this event and keep your eyes out for next years date, if you have not attended I recommend it there is nothing in this area to compare to it.

Just a few pics of the day does not cover all who had pitches to give you an idea of the event.