November 2022 meeting

At this months meeting we had a talk and demonstration by Amelia on repotting in late autumn.

Amelia has been repotting her trees at this time of year for some time and her results have proven that this works.

Contra to the books you will read which say to repot in the spring Amelia explained why she repots in late autumn.

  1. Trees particularly deciduous when they have dropped their leaves are entering a state of dormancy.
  2. Usually at this time of year temperatures are not as cold/wet as late winter.
  3. Tree roots still grow even though the tree is dormant, and with late autumn temps encourage better recovery from pruning.
  4. Roots should be in a much more advanced stage of recovery when the tree awakens in spring.
  5. Word of caution trees pruned in late autumn could need some protection if the weather turns cold but this still applies to trees pruned in spring especially now we don’t seem to have any regularity in our seasons.

6 If you have a lot of trees this can help to avoid having to repot in the short span of weeks in the spring.

Excellent talk and certainly gave members something to think about or try for themselves.

We also had Rob from Oakfieldbonsai who came along with his van of well stocked goodies, and put just a small amount of stock on the table.