January 19th meeting 2023

This was the first meeting of our new year it was a workshop but also the selection from trees brought in by members for the upcoming Swindon Bonsai Winter image show being held on Sunday 19th February at the Grange Leisure Centre SN3 4JY.

The selection which is never easy is over seen by our show manager Clive H, it involves what trees work together this involves shuffling them up and down the tables many many times, the spacing between each, and avoiding them running in a straight line along the tables and which stand suits the tree just to mention some of the points that have to be considered.

We learn something every time and members are encouraged to make their comments, it is then down to Clive H to make the final decision.

Here is the display chosen for Swindon, praise also has to go to Clive H who has made all the display tables.

We have also brought back the Tree Of The Month competition which is every month members can select what they consider is looking it’s best and bring it in.

Members then vote on what they consider is 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice and then count from this gives the overall placing.