Lodders Open Weekend 2023

Lodder Bonsai bv, Harmelem in the Netherlands is a major importer of bonsai and has been an annual visit by several members for many years only interrupted by Covid.

Now restrictions are no longer in place this would be the first time we have been over for two years and all of us look foreword to the trip not only to see the trees but meet the friends we have made there.

The trip coincides with their open week end, this year it was held on 11th & 12th March and it is where Gerrit invites many exhibitors associated with bonsai or Japanese culture i.e potters, scroll painters/sellers, carving tool suppliers, sushi food stand, and other bonsai sellers and guest speakers to name just a few of the stands.

There was also a display from a local club with excellent quality bonsai.

The pictures here can only cover part of what Lodders have and it is mind blowing when you first walk in to see the shear number and varieties for sale and they cover all price ranges as you might be able to see on the tags, it also gives anyone a chance to see the higher priced trees and the difference in design and quality ( we can only dream of being able to own any of these ).

Hopefully we can keep this up as our annual trip, and many thanks to Amelia for the pictures and to Ross for placing them in a format for posting.