July club night

A melding of minds 🤔 on future styling for this Juniper

Quite a few trees were brought some needing refining and some like the Juniper above needing some discussion.

The owner wanted to make a cascade out of this piece of material, not impossible but this variety hardens off and becomes quite rigid even when quite thin.

We discussed the need to raise and reposition the tree nearer to the edge of the pot, the branch could be bound with raffia to try to stop any major fractures when the branch is heavily wired ready for bending.

The branch then requires to be bent at a really acute angle hence the repositioning of the tree, this bending judging by the rigid feeling would be best done a little at a time possibly a bit every day together with a guy wire so that every time it is bent down the guy wire takes up the strain.

This is best described as persuading the branch to go where you want it to, as you know nothing is guaranteed but worth taking the risk to have a better image in the end.

Hopefully we will be able to check with the owner how it is progressing.