Lodder Bonsai bv open weekend 2024

A small group of us have been visiting Lodder Bonsai for over fifteen years, the last few years we have timed our visit with their open week.

It is an experience just to see the shear variety, size and quality under one roof, it also gives you the opportunity if you buy to search out a pot if you are looking to the future.

This open week end is not only an opportunity to see their new stock but the owner invites other Bonsai related dealers to have a stall inside their loading area.

I have taken just a few photos of the main display greenhouse to try to give people some idea of the scale that Lodders operate on, I have left out his other greenhouses one has some stunning indoor bonsai.

Hope you enjoy the photos we certainly enjoyed the weekend.

Below are some pictures of the display tables as you walk into the main greenhouse, now start looking for a tree.

These are the high end trees stunning we can only dream, I have included the tape measure to give all some idea of size. These are just a few more were dotted round on the tables.