Club display at Lakeside Garden Centre, Crockerton

We put on a club display over Saturday and Sunday at Lakeside promoting both the hobby and the club.

Quite a bit of interest including some people who picked up the club on Facebook and an opportunity to dispel the myths that the general public have with bonsai.

You will see that because Sally and Derek could only cover Saturday ( Sally had one of her trees in the Bonsai Expo show on Sunday. ).

We changed the trees on Sunday and Clive H had more room to bring in bigger trees have included photos of both days, always enjoyable to talk to the public and many thanks to Steve the Centre manager for allowing us to put on a display and moving his plants round to give us an undercover area.

Lakeside Garden Centre

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April we will be putting on a club display at Lakeside Garden Centre Crockerton to promote the hobby and the club all welcome to call in for a chat with us.

Have attached a photo of last years display.

March 2024 meeting

With the almost relentless days of rain we all seemed to have the same issue, trees not undercover in constant sodden compost but now pushing bud.

So this meeting would be the last one to do any repotting so a case of press on. Those of us that still had the Yews from the club project brought them in to be photographed to record their progress or not see pics below.

Only few thanks to Sally,I must take more pics of the evening.

In last months post I posted photos of our trip to Lodder Bonsai, while we were there we met Corrin of Greenwood Bonsai who had been invited over to give a demonstration on the Sunday.

He has posted a video on YouTube showing more detail of Lodders open weekend also his demonstration, if you look up Greenwood Bonsai it will come up Lodder Open day.


Lodder Bonsai bv open weekend 2024

A small group of us have been visiting Lodder Bonsai for over fifteen years, the last few years we have timed our visit with their open week.

It is an experience just to see the shear variety, size and quality under one roof, it also gives you the opportunity if you buy to search out a pot if you are looking to the future.

This open week end is not only an opportunity to see their new stock but the owner invites other Bonsai related dealers to have a stall inside their loading area.

I have taken just a few photos of the main display greenhouse to try to give people some idea of the scale that Lodders operate on, I have left out his other greenhouses one has some stunning indoor bonsai.

Hope you enjoy the photos we certainly enjoyed the weekend.

Below are some pictures of the display tables as you walk into the main greenhouse, now start looking for a tree.

These are the high end trees stunning we can only dream, I have included the tape measure to give all some idea of size. These are just a few more were dotted round on the tables.

February meeting 2024

Busy evening with repotting the main focus, talking to members we all seem to be facing similar challenges trees coming into bud much earlier and not only trees kept in greenhouses but outside as well.

This is not only shortening the traditional repotting season but with the weeks of heavy rain the trees kept outdoors are that more awkward to work on as they have not had a chance to dry out, strange times in our seasons.


Warminster Club at Swindon Bonsai Society Winter Image show 2024

Another cracking show put on by Swindon Bonsai Society, amongst us bonsai nuts the show heralds the start of our bonsai year.

As we exhibited we can stand back and watch the people coming in, first stop are the dealers this is where you can stock up on soils, wire pots etc as well as adding to your collection of trees.

Then a walk round the trees.

An excellent selection of trees on display and an ideal way to see how other people have worked on trees it all adds to your library of ideas for the future.

Have added pics of our display and more of the trees in the show, congratulations to Sally who got an award of merit for her Shohin display on our stand.

January meeting 2024

First meeting of the new year, some trees being worked on but also it was the selection of trees and setting out our display for the forthcoming Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 11th February.

We have three six by two tables for display which is quite a large area, Clive H our show manager had an idea to try to present a selection of trees held by members to that end it would comprise three separate Tokonoma,s one with a Shohin and the other two with larger trees with accompanying smaller trees to give some perspective.

This involved lots of shuffling round trying to find trees that have the right angle of direction, do not overpower are harmonious and are of varied species to avoid repeating.

This involved in the region of twenty four trees just to find the final display, on the day there will be accent plants to add for a bit more impact and colour, thanks to Clive H who had final say.

Show display


Only two entrants this month

December meeting and AGM

The December meeting is our AGM, Best Decorated tree and social get together.

The AGM was concluded in not too much time with the committee being re-elected and with annual subs and monthly entrance fees remaining the same as this year.
I will email to all members more details of the meeting as well as the calendar for 2024.

The best Decorated Tree was quite well attended I think some members might have been put off by the high/questionable? artistic talents shown in last year’s competition do not be put off for next year please take your time to view this years entrants and wonder what members were on when they designed ? their tree.

Lee Verhorevoort workshop November 2023

Pre covid we have had several workshops with Lee all thoroughly enjoyable, so when we had been able to book one for this month it was a chance to learn so much more and have your trees critiqued in a positive way.

Lee,s method is for him to come to your table view/discuss your tree it’s horticultural requirements, pests etc and what work is required going forward, he does carry out some work if you are not sure during this he talked about many subjects covering how nurseries work in Japan, choice of pots.

I keep saying it but just listening to what is said about the trees on each members table is like a working tutorial so much information.

He moves on to the next person and circulating round this way he covers quite a high number of trees. Two members came along as observers and found it fascinating they probably picked up more information as we had to work on our trees to keep up with Lee and listen to what was being said.

An excellent day, these workshops I feel reinvigorate you to work on your trees especially when you have been given the advise for future improvements.

Few pics of the trees that were worked on during the day.

November meeting 2023

This meeting was intended to be winter repotting but due to the persistent rainfall and soggy compost it was not possible however members did find work to carry out preparing trees for winter.