Chris Thomas workshop Warminster

We held another popular Saturday workshop with Chris Thomas

eight club members attended the day and brought in a variety of material to discuss with Chris and to work on through the day, Chris had set up a central stand for each person to bring there tree up to for discussion and advice.

Always revealing when you put a tree up and you stand back how obvious some faults are and what options you have for styling we all enjoyed the day some pics of the day below.

Lodder Bonsai open weekend 2019

We have visited Lodder Bonsai in the past but never for their open weekend. Over the Saturday and Sunday the nursery is open but he also invites other traders to come along and have a stall inside the loading bay.

There was a mixture of potters, scrolls for sale as well as a painter painting scrolls, Ikebana stall and food stalls where you could try Sushi. It was a very enjoyable event well worth the journey I took the pictures early before the public came in.

Here are just some of the photos of the trees for sale and the traders that attended the weekend.